Creative Future at The Gateway Women's Centre
The work generated over the five weeks, along with photographic work from The Hummingbird Project and writing work from The Preston Park Recovery Centre formed the inspiration for a short film.
Participants were invited to attend three additional workshops with digital artist Thomas Buckley and workshop artists to create a moving image piece incorporating their work and considering the theme Memory’.
The film entitled ‘How Moth is the Night’ was exhibited as part of Third Thursdays, a cultural and creative event held on the last Thursday of each month in Brighton city centre, organised by Video Club.
Public Art Project - Creative Future
Photography, Nature And Mindfullness
This participatory project was funded as part of the ‘Contain Outbreak Management Fund to support vulnerable communities which have been affected by Covid-19’ through Brighton and Hove City Council. Working with Creative Future and Off The Fence Trust, I worked with participants at The Gateway Women’s Centre over nine weeks creating work for Third Thursdays as part of Videoclub Brighton.
The workshops focused on connecting with nature and how this relationship can support our mental health and overall wellbeing. The lens-based activities aimed to build connection with the local environment through closer observation and interaction with the natural wonders that surround us.
Using DSLR’s and mobile phones, participnats explored working with natural objects in the urban environement, light and shadow, photographic sculptures, constructing landscapes from natural produce and experimenting with archives to consider womens histories in the landscape.
“Thank you ever so much for more inspiring ideas to aid and make myself more creative!” - Sharon, participant
“I liked the inventive ideas and themes set by Hannah” - Sue, participant.
“I very much enjoyed this course of workshops” - Anonymous, participant.

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